New Kid On The Block

There’s a new kid on the block. A new name in real estate portals. Australia’s new home for real estate is making its launch in early spring this year.

But HOMES is here to level out the playing ground and create some competition in this field. And competition is healthy. In a market where currently there aren’t a lot of choices, it’s refreshing to have a new player in the real estate arena.

It will afford relief to the thousands of real estate agents who cant keep up with the rising costs of advertising they currently face with the current leading real estate portals.

This is a real estate portal that has simple and honest pricing. HOMES is here to stay because it has behind it the capital it needs to fund a national marketing campaign.

But more than relief for real estate agents who wish to upload and list their properties for sale, HOMES is here for the mums and dads of this country.

These are the people who bear the cost of the advertising but are unaware of it.

Of course there are skeptics who doubt that HOMES will succeed, but lets take a look at history where skeptics wished they had purchased shares in a new start up enterprise that started in the garage of a little eastern suburb home in Melbourne in 1995.

That enterprise became a global real estate portal. And given that the Internet was still a relatively new concept, no one could have imagined or predicted the outcome.

There have been many instances where new enterprises have sprung and were tipped to fail, for the odds were stacked against them.

Take the supermarket chain ALDI. Although the first foundation stone was laid in 1913 in Essen Germany, it was during the 1940’s the two brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht began its expansion.

ALDI opened its doors in Australia with the first store opening in Melbourne 2003.

With the arrival of this 3rd supermarket chain in Australia, came a breath of fresh air for consumers. It afforded shoppers another place to shop and most of all , the opportunity save on their weekly grocery bill. Today ALDI has over 10,000 stores worldwide.

Remember, competition is a good thing. And surely for real estate agents the competition that is coming will be a welcome relief. Like water after a long drought.

And the best part for real estate agents is that it is FREE!!! Now there’s a word you don’t see often.

FREE to upload ALL of their listings with no lock in contracts, no subscription and all they need to do is just register by going to


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