Bringing Back Choices


The fundamental basis of those who wish to implement change on any level, comes from a burning desire to bring a sense of fairness, opportunities and choices for people,where there are little or no choices.

This is why we have new enterprises sprouting up every day.

Aback of the underlying raison d’etre , so to speak, of those amazing entrepreneurs, is to give the average person, particularly who  feel hard done by  or disadvantaged, their power back.

Giving people choices brings with it a sense and feeling, to a degree……… of EMPOWERMENT.

History serves to show us that these people, who are compelled to step out, speak up and do something proactive about it, are at the core, like you and I, fed up with injustice.

The history books are full of stories of such great entrepreneurs whose underlying philosophy is giving back something that was taken or stolen from the average person. One such person was John Symonds who was the founder of Aussie Home Loans which launched in Australia in February  1992.

The basis of Aussie Home Loans philosophy was that the founder wanted to offer ‘better deals and better customer service to everyday Australians’.

This came at a time when the banks, (the majors in particular,) didn’t vary much one from another in terms of interest rates and service.

John Symonds brought in competition and leveled out the playing field by offering 3 percent less interest rates than the major competitors, on home loans. This was a staggering amount and afforded many Australian families the ability to borrow and purchase their first home.

But more than just a better deal, a more affordable interest rate, Aussie Home Loans offered a unique approach to home loans. 24 hour a day service. Something NO bank was doing.

Giving people choices in an environment where there wasn’t any, or very little between one bank or another, gave people a sense of empowerment.

And we as humans, once feeling  empowered again, have  self confidence, self esteem and a sense of having some say and control in the direction our lives are headed in.

Everyday, there are more and more people, who because of the ‘system’ or the ways things are organized, or for the fact that there are few or no choices, give birth to new ideas, new ways of doing things, and alternatives where there were once none. is a new innovative real estate portal that is nothing like its current competitors.

Here too, the founder’s philosophy is about “ no longer will mums and dads have to spend thousands of dollars for advertising to sell their homes because at HOMES, the cost is zero”.

“ Here, standard listings are FREE to advertise ALWAYS, and our premium pricing is honest and fair and far less than the majors”, he adds.

In a time when the majors have real estate agents by the proverbial ‘short and curlies’, and almost holding them to ransom with their ever increasing fees to advertise on their portals,  it is a refreshing change when someone like HOMES appears on the platform to  shake things up.

In so doing it brings competition, fairness and more importantly, gives people their power back by giving them the thing we all love……..CHOICE!

















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